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Chief Executive Officer
Kathy Sather
Phone: 231-745-2743

Chief Medical Officer
Virginia Brown, MD
Phone: 231-834-0444

Chief Dental Officer
Marilyn Stolberg, DDS
Phone: 231-745-2743

Chief Financial Officer
Gary Waterstredt
Phone: 231-745-2743

Human Resources
Anne Featherstone
Phone: 231-745-5004


Chief Operating Officer
HIPAA Privacy
Bonnie Mapes
Phone: 231-876-6716

Director of Business Services
Phone: 231-876-6784

Health Information Systems
Phone: 231-876-6535

Medical Billing
Sheri Lockhart
Phone: 231-876-6527

Dental Billing
Kasey Hershberger
Dental Practice Manager Supervisor
Phone: 231-834-0444 ext 350