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Occupational Health

Occupational Health

Occupational Health staff helps employers in the greater Wexford County area manage the health and well being of their employees.

Our staff members are trained, caring professionals, dedicated to providing proactive customer service.

We have 3 goals:
• Offer quality health care to every employer by ensuring immediate accessibility for injury and illness, cost-effective treatment protocols, and continual communication.

• Promote optimal employee physical and emotional health by fostering a long-term relationship with employers.

• Be leaders and innovators in promoting the relationship between health, productivity and the company’s business goals.

Same-day appointments for emergency treatment or illness.

Medical Services
• Drug testing (urine, hair, oral)
• Certified MRO on staff
• Physicals
• DOT, pre-employment (may include back
evaluations, if indicated), annual
• Hearing testing
• Breath alcohol testing
• Pulmonary function testing
• Respirator fit testing
• EKGs, Holter and Event monitors
• Case management

Ancillary Services
• Laboratory and Radiology services on-site
• Occupational Health

Other Services
• Immunizations (flu shots, Hepatitis B, others)
• Health education
• Extensive wellness program
• Weight loss/certified dietician on staff

Occupational Health 231-876-6710
520 Cobb St., Cadillac
Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 8am to 5pm,