WC Room Reservation

Family Health Care (FHC) is pleased to accommodate your group's request for meeting space. The following information is necessary for us to process your reservation. Once your request is approved, this form will be returned to you as a confirmation of your meeting date(s). For more information or questions please contact Shane Douglas at (231) 689-7660 or by email at (sdouglas@familyhealthcare.org).

This reservation form is for our meeting rooms at:
Family Health Care – White Cloud
1035 Wilcox Avenue
White Cloud, MI 49349

I/we will (please check all that apply):

To ensure your meeting's success, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Please call (231) 689-5943 the business day before your scheduled date to re-confirm your reservation.
     Please stay within your scheduled time for using meeting rooms, as other groups may be scheduled to
    use the room before or after your event.
  • Please clean up after your meeting and return the tables and chairs to their initial arrangement. If
    refreshments are served, please wipe off tables and clean dishes. Garbage and trash bins are located in
    meeting rooms for your convenience.
  • Please bring your own expendable items and office supplies (utensils, napkins, plates, cups, paper,
    pens, flip charts, easels, etc).
  • Questions about other available or needed items should be directed to your FHC contact person.
  • Handicap parking is available at the front entrance. If the number of vehicles in a group exceeds 15,
    please notify your FHC contact person so that parking arrangements can be made.