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Soomin Han, PA-C

About Me
It is a privilege for me as a physician assistant to impact the overall health of our community starting with one family at a time. I am a firm believer that making a difference in the world is not about placing ourselves in a powerful and influential position, but to teach and assist each person and family in making a difference in their own life, health, and thinking for the generation to come. Sometimes we forget the incredible impact we can have as parents, teachers, elders, and healthcare providers when it comes to teaching our next generation to flourish and succeed. That is one of the reasons I have decided to give my life and my career to medicine. My goal and passion is I want every one of the patients that are seen at our office first and foremost to be loved and cared for, for their ailment to be well taken care of, and encouraged and empowered to protect their good health. Being a person experiencing a multicultural journey in my life, I would like to believe I am flexible, understanding, and willing to be a listening ear. This allows me to truly help see from a patient’s perspective to determine an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. I enjoy seeing patients at all stages in life including infants who are just starting their life journey, teenagers who are at a confusing time in their life, and elderly patients with a different perspective in their lives. It is my pleasure to be involved in this community and make a difference day by day, step by step, one patient at a time, especially starting from our young generation so that they can live an even healthier life than many of us.

Education and Experience
I achieved my Bachelor of Science in Health Science Pre-PA and Master of Science in Health Science Physician Assistant Program from Springfield College in Springfield, MA. I spent my first years working with underserved populations at Federally Qualified Health Centers in New Hampshire and Vermont. After relocating to Northern Michigan to be closer to family, I continued to serve in primary health care at a health center in Mancelona before joining Family Health Care.

If I can tell you one thing, I would say: a healthier life style is your best medicine! For example, Food is Your Medicine!

Life Outside of the Practice

As a person born and raised in South Korea but moving as a teenager by myself to Northern New England, one of the coldest areas of the United States, I had to grow up fast. It taught me to be an excellent listener to various perspectives. Therefore, I was prepared to move to Northern Michigan when my husband and I decided to settle closer to family. Winter months are not as active as summer months for me, but I find myself enjoying what Michigan winter has to offer. At home, I deeply treasure spending quality time with my family and friends, cooking/baking new recipes, and enjoying outdoors from taking a walk to going for a long bicycle ride, especially soaking in a beautiful warm summer in Michigan. Our family (especially, my husband being a local forester) is also involved in volunteering at our church, at county tree sales and forest education.

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