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Can someone else pick up my medication?

Yes, but the pharmacy will need permission from you before allowing another person to pick-up your medication. Although it is best to put your request in writing, it may not always be possible, and you may call the pharmacy to give verbal permission.

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Are prescriptions affordable?

We will work with your insurance and/or any manufacturer coupons or specific allowed discount programs to achieve the patient’s best results. We also offer discounts through our sliding fee program to eligible Family Health Care patients. We will also work with your provider to offer alternative drug therapies if the medication is too expensive for […]

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Can I buy over-the-counter medications?

Yes, you may purchase OTC items by coming into the pharmacy or asking our staff to bring them to you during your curbside pick-up/delivery. If you need something not in stock or have a special request, you may order a product to arrive as early as the next day.

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