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Our Providers

At Family Health Care Center, nowhere is our passion for providing quality medical care for all more evident than in our roster of outstanding family health care providers. Our clinics are staffed by family health care physicians and other health care professionals who love our community, our patients, and our unique environment that allows them to make a real difference in people’s lives. The family health care doctors in Cadillac, MI, are the best our community has to offer; they are passionate about providing access to quality health care to everyone who walks through the door. Don’t wait; come see us today.

John Hodges, LLPC

Every human being deals with some sort of chaos and pain, the ones that thrive lean into the brokenness and face it directly. The human condition worsens when suffering is hidden, avoided or isolated. The…

Kaylee Lohman, MSW
Kaylee Carr, MSW

"I chose the field of social work to be able to provide holistic care through helping others create a healthy mind, which plays a role in a healthy body."

Lisa West, FNP-C

I felt that the medical field needed more compassionate and competent providers, who approached patient care holistically; treating each person as a unique individual with unique and individual problems, not just another appointment for the…

Michelle Glasgow, LPC
Michelle Glasgow, LPC

I wish that I could tell every patient to take good care of themselves and to treat their mental and emotional health with the same attention and importance that they do their physical health.