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Child and Adolescent Health

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Healthy and Learning

Providing high-quality health programs in school is the most direct, efficient way to ensure that all children get the help they need to lead healthy and productive lives.

Students perform better when they show up for class, healthy and ready to learn. The School-Based Health Center brings the doctor’s office to the school, so students avoid health-related absences and get support to succeed in the classroom. An advisory board consisting of community representatives, parents, and youth provides input and guidance for services provided. Our pediatric services help to make children healthier and keep them that way. Children get the checkups they need with a minimal time commitment for the child and the parent. As a top child health care clinic in Michigan, we bring our outstanding services and medical staff to where they are needed. We are a full-service health clinic that includes dental, adolescent, and behavioral health options for young people.

Our Child and Adolescent Health Centers:

  • Provide a comprehensive range of health services*
  • Employs a health care team comprised of a mid-level provider, medical assistant, dental hygienist, dentist, behavioral health therapist, and program coordinator trained in adolescent health

At Family Health Center, we believe that child health care services should be available to every child. That’s why we bring the child health care centers to schools in Grant, White Cloud and Baldwin.

Our adolescent health care services are designed to help teens understand themselves and understand when they need an adolescent health clinic. Because teens face different health problems than adults, our staff is trained to deal with delicate issues. When you need the best in family health care services in West Michigan, we’re there for you.

CAHC Enrollment Packet


MHSAA Medical History Form – English

MHSAA Medical History Form – Spanish

Parental Assessment Form – English

Parental Assessment Form – Spanish
Teacher Assessment Form


To schedule an appointment call a CAHC near you.

The health centers located in Baldwin Elementary School, Grant Middle School and White Cloud High School are open to all patients between the ages of five and 21..

  • CAHC Locations
  • Services Offered
  • Who Can Visit a CAHC?

525 W. Fourth Street
Baldwin, MI 49304
Monday – Friday
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
(231) 745-3116
96 East 120th St
Grant, MI 49327
Monday – Friday
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
(231) 834-1350
White Cloud
555 E. Wilcox
White Cloud, MI 49349
Monday – Friday
7:30 am – 4:00 pm
(231) 689-3268


Acute care and chronic disease management

EPSDT/Well-child exams

HIV and STD prevention and services

Dental services

Health Education

Medicaid outreach and enrollment

Behavioral Health services


*Only services that are allowed under Michigan’s School Code will be provided. The school health center will not provide abortion counseling or services, or make referrals for abortion services. The health center will not prescribe, dispense, or otherwise distribute family planning drugs and/or devices on school grounds.

Students ages 5-21 can enroll for services. A parental consent authorizes students to access services when needed.

Providing quality, integrated and comprehensive health care services that are accessible to all.

Bringing health care to schools for student success.