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Outreach and Enrollment

We know navigating the health care world can be overwhelming and at times, frustrating, especially when it comes to insurance. Don’t worry; we are here to help. Our outreach specialists can help community members with:

  • Avoiding future health insurance fines.
  • Checking program eligibility for assistance with out of pocket expenses and premiums related to health insurance.
  • Showing and comparing your options for health insurance.
  • Sharing and explaining other community services and programs you may be eligible for related to bills, food assistance, basic needs, and much more.

  • Health Insurance
  • Healthy Michigan Plan
  • Cancer Screenings

A few things to consider during open enrollment:

  • Short enrollment period: Only six weeks to enroll! No changes are allowed after, except for special circumstances.
  • Unpaid premiums: To re-enroll, you may need to settle any unpaid premiums.
  • Cancel insurance: To avoid unpaid premiums, you must cancel your insurance.
  • Update your application: You may qualify for a reduction.

Healthy Michigan Plan

For many Michigan residents, the Healthy Michigan Plan is another option for obtaining health insurance that meets the Minimum Essential Coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Eligibility for this plan is also based on household size and income, and having an offer of employer coverage does not disqualify you or your family. It is available to anyone who meets the following guidelines:

  • Between the ages 19 – 64 and a resident of Michigan
  • Modified Adjusted Gross Income at or below 133 percent of the federal poverty level for the current tax year (see chart)
  • Do not qualify for and are not enrolled in Medicare or other Medicaid programs
  • Are not pregnant at the time of application(pregnant women and children qualify for other Medicaid programs)

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Cervical Cancer Screening Navigation Program

If you have an abnormal Pap test, and your insurance doesn’t completely pay for additional tests, this program can help!

Who can qualify? Women must be 40 years of age or older, meet specific income requirements and can be either insured or uninsured to be eligible for help.

If you have insurance and you have a deductible that you must pay before receiving services, or your insurance doesn’t completely cover your follow-up care, our navigators can provide help in paying for these follow-up exams.

Please contact us before receiving treatment so you can be screened and enrolled to ensure your treatment will be covered.

Free Cancer Screenings for Women

Services at NO COST include:

  • Pelvic exam/Pap Smear
  • Client education
  • Follow-up, if abnormal results

Who is eligible?

  • Women between the age of 40 and 64
  • No insurance or insurance with a high deductible plan
  • Income limited

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