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Women’s Health

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Whether you are a young woman getting ready to have a baby or a mom managing the demands of work and family, our health care team is here to care for you.

Whatever stage of life you are in, we will listen and help you find answers.

  • Services
  • Specialists
• Bladder Issues (Urodynamics)
• Cervical Cancer Screenings (PAP Smear)
• Contraception Options (Birth Control)
• Exercise and Nutrition Information
• Family Planning
• Fertility Services
• Hormone Replacement
• HPV Vaccination
• Pelvic Floor Issues (i.e., leakage)
• Pregnancy Testing
• Routine Gynecology
• STD/STI Screenings & Treatment
• Yearly Physicals

*Women and young ladies can be assured that all services are provided confidentially.
*If you are concerned about payment of preventative women’s health services, please contact our Outreach Team.

Dannie Gentry, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology
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Baldwin, MI
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