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Eric Weeks

Position: DO

About Me

I am a West Michigan native that grew up in a small farm community outside of Grand Rapids. I believe in the holistic principals of osteopathy. I always try to treat the whole person that led to his/her disease process, not just the disease itself.

Professional Background

I attended Central Michigan University where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Biology. I completed my Doctor of Osteopathy at Michigan State University and my Residency in Family Medicine at Metropolitan Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI.


Many of today’s disease processes are preventable, if one is willing to take his/her health seriously. I enjoy working with and educating patients to improve his/her health.

Life Outside of the Practice

I am happily married to an amazing woman with four incredible sons. I enjoy traveling and spending time with my family, fishing of all types, fat-tire biking the back country, and passionate about photography.