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Mission Heroes Kyle and Kelli

For almost 50 years now, Family Health Care has been following a mission of service to others. Through this mission and with the collaboration of other FQHCs we hope to remove the barriers to health care while also removing each of the health disparities in the community. I am proud to recognize two new Mission Heroes within our organization. Mission Heroes are team members who have demonstrated outstanding motivation, drive, and dedication in helping Family Health Care meet its mission.

IMG_6439Kyle Guajardo
Kyle has been with Family Health Care for just over a year now and is part of our Outreach and Enrollment team. Her primary focus is on the Grant community but she also plays are large role in the outreach efforts for others in the state who share a similar role.  Recently, Kyle was named as a Looper All Star, by the newsletter In the Loop – a joint project of National Health Law Program and Community Catalyst. Looper All Stars are Enrollment Specialists who go above and beyond the call of duty during the open enrollment period for the new health insurance law. These specialists help community members navigate the Health Insurance Marketplace, answer questions regarding insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Healthy Michigan, and provide access to other community resources. Julie Tatko from the Michigan Primary Care Association (MPCA) nominated Kyle for the Looper All Star award.


This is what she had to say about Kyle: “Kyle spent hours researching and was the ‘go to’ person that I counted on to provide accurate answers from the simplest to quite complicated questions. She knew exactly where to direct people when on those rare occasions she did not have the answers. She served populations from all walks of life and was culturally sensitive and accommodated her beneficiaries by adjusting her schedule to meet their needs. She stayed on task until every issue that arose was addressed and resolved to the satisfaction of the consumers.”

KellIMG_6435i Stray
Kelli has been with Family Health Care for three years and serves as a key member to the community through our White Cloud Pharmacy. She is responsible for meeting the needs of the community Adult Foster Care (AFC) homes which our pharmacy has partnered with to provide essential pharmacy needs to community members. Kelli has worked hard in putting this program together and ensuring that the program remains alive. Through this program she is able to obtain the new prescriptions, complete documentation of proper information, ensure a successful billing process, and communicate with the home managers to ensure that each patient is able to receive their medications on time and with the same service you would receive at the pharmacy. Recently, Family Health Care has obtained five new AFC homes to make a total of 10 homes with approximately 39 patients that are now being served. Chief Pharmacist Ross Spoelma and her team are so proud of her! Kelli has demonstrated true dedication to our mission and is a prime example of a Mission Hero.

As we move forward, I urge each of you to look at the work that you are doing and remind yourself of the service and dedication you provide the community. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude for each of you as you continue to play your role in helping Family Health Care reach its mission. Without you and your dedication to the community, Family Health Care would be missing a piece to the puzzle.


Kathy Sather