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One of the worst nightmares for families who have a loved one with memory problems is the fear that he or she will accidentally wander away – an act that can result in devastating consequences. Family Health Care, in collaboration with the Lake County Sheriff’s Department and Lake County Council on Aging, offers a program that can give those families a little more peace of mind.

The Caretrak telemetry tracking system locates lost individuals who are wearing specially designed wrist transmitters. Should an individual registered with Lake County’s Caretrak program wander away or become lost, their caregiver would call 911 and notify the dispatcher of their participation in the program. Certified law enforcement officers would then begin tracking the individual’s specific transmitter frequency (from as far as one mile away on the ground and five miles from the air). The highly accurate, waterproof system is routinely tested, and responders have the ability to locate the unit to within a few inches away, day or night. Caretrak can help find a missing person within minutes – not hours or days.

Caretrack is ideal for residents of Lake County who:

  • Are elderly and are at risk of wandering due to memory problems.
  • Have special needs such as Down’s syndrome or Autism
  • Have special needs children

Caretrak requires a $10 fee for battery replacement. However, assistance is available if a family cannot afford the expense. There is no charge to rent the equipment, however, if it’s not returned once the risk of wandering no longer exists, a $250 fee will be charged to the family.

If interested in this program, please contact our community outreach department at (231) 745-5052.