• Outreach and Enrollment

    Outreach and Enrollment

    DID YOU GET A HEALTH INSURANCE FINE? STILL HAVE NO INSURANCE? We’re here to help. FREE OF CHARGE IS THE MARKETPLACE RIGHT FOR YOU? A guide to health insurance law and the Marketplace. Our onsite specialists can help any community…

  • Laboratory


    Family Health Care is proud to be able to have in house laboratory services at our Baldwin, Cadillac, Grant and White Cloud locations. Laboratory services provided by Quest Diagnostics. Venipuncture and blood studies from simple to detailed blood work with…

  • Pharmacy


    Prescription fill services with individualized attention for education, affordability and efficiency. Discounts available for our registered patients.

  • Vision Centers

    Vision Centers

    Low-cost eye care is now available in Baldwin and White Cloud. Regardless of your age or physical health, it’s important to have regular eye exams to check your eyes for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together as…

  • Diagnostic Imaging Services (X-Ray)

    Diagnostic Imaging Services (X-Ray)

    General radiology, mammography, ultrasound, and bone density testing General Radiology (X-Ray)/Ultrasound – Our health centers in Baldwin, Cadillac, Grant and White Cloud offer the convenience of x-ray services.  Ultrasound is no longer available in our Cadillac location. Mammography – Mammography…

  • Occupational Health

    Occupational Health

    Occupational Health staff helps employers in the greater Wexford County area manage the health and well being of their employees. Our staff members are trained, caring professionals, dedicated to providing proactive customer service. We have 3 goals: • Offer quality…

  • Women’s Health

    Women’s Health

    A young woman, getting ready to have a baby. A mom, managing the demands of work and family. Middle age -and older- adjusting to your changing body. Wherever you are in your stage of life, you want a health care…

  • Medical


    The aim of primary medical care is to provide an entry point into the health care system. As a medical home provider, we offer routine, preventative and chronic care management that is continuous for individuals and families of all ages.…

  • Dental


    From cleanings to restorations, dentures and everything in between. Board certified dentists are prepared to achieve a healthy smile for all ages. School Based services provide preventative checks through area schools that include dental xrays, prophys, sealants and fluoride treatment…

  • In-Home & Respite Care

    In-Home & Respite Care

    When a loved one suffers from memory loss, you feel alone. Your relationship changes. You spend your time taking care of your loved one. And no time taking care of yourself. In collaboration with local agencies, in home personal care…

  • Grandparents Support

    Grandparents Support

    For Grandparents raising grandchildren who need support with resources, legal issues and offer tips on the challenges of raising grandchildren. A trained facilitator provides guidance and education. Many grandparents today are raising their grandchildren. That can bring a whole new…

  • Friendly Visitor Program

    Friendly Visitor Program

    Friendly Visitors is a grant funded service that recalls the days when your neighbor would stop in from time to time just to check in on you. If times were hard, or you were feeling poorly, you could count on…

  • Child and Adolescent Health Centers

    Child and Adolescent Health Centers

    Healthy and Learning Providing high-quality health programs in school is the most direct, efficient way to assure that all children get the help they need to lead healthy and productive lives. Students perform better when they show up for class,…

  • Substance Abuse

    Substance Abuse

    Substance Abuse Services Alcohol and drug abuse/dependency are treatable. We work with you to help you identify your problems. Then we help you find the solution that works for you. • Flexible programs that work with your schedule • Individual…

  • Behavioral Health

    Behavioral Health

    Individual and family counseling services integration with community mental health services, substance use outpatient treatment and coordination of care. Answers. For Life. We know how much courage and determination it takes to look for – and accept – help when…